Catching up

Mar 3, 2020 West Bay, Cayman Islands

Hey! Just in case you are wondering, I'm doing okay. Yesterday I went out on a lunch with my nephew at a Vivo Restaurant in West Bay, five minutes away from my workplace. It's my first time eating vegan and I must say it's not that bad. It's just costly lol.

I'm starting to focus on holistic recovery for myself. I recently enrolled in Yoga classes (Yin and Vinyasa) and I'm trying to condition my mind to always have a positive outlook in life.

I cut-off almost all my social media presence (except twitter and blogspot) and it is doing me good mentally so far. I have also engrossed myself over Crash Landing On You, you guys should watch it too! It's a K-drama with a lot of life lessons and revelations about North Korea.

Anyway that's it for now -- It's 5:30pm, I'm about to go home and binge watch you know what!

Let me end this post with a smiling face~


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