Coffee & Connect: Week 1

Apr 26, 2020

It's Sunday. We made it through the week! So let me ask you something, how have you been? Well in my case, it's a pretty normal week but a little more productive than the last one. Let me share my activities with you in bullets.


  • Went to work, nothing new except a ton of paperwork. Our business has been classified as "essential" so I spent some time to work in the office.
  • Went home pretty early and played Mobile Legends with my friends.
  • Watched Community on Netflix (already watched this when I was in college but it's such a great sitcom I don't mind rewatching it over and over again!)
  • Started reading The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren. Thanks for the recommendation Anika!

  • Impulsively cut my hair to shoulder length
  • Published my Food for Thought topic entitled "Why can't we just print money?"
  • Stayed at home and did some house chores due to the curfew restrictions of COVID-19 (people with last names ending in A-K are only allowed to do errands every MWF, the rest are TTTHS, and Sunday is a 24-hour lockdown)
  • Watched the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix
  • Read some blogs on my blogroll. I love love love reading blogs because it somehow makes me have some sort of connection with other people (even tho they don't notice it hehe). Being the introvert that I am, this recharges me. If you have a blog and want to link up, just leave a comment either here or in my directory. Let me know. I am all about discovering new blogs and making friends 😊


  • Went to work. Surprisingly a lot of customers called. I mostly did dispatching and sales. Haven't done much payroll and invoicing today, so will need to catch up on a pile of paperwork before pay day. Daily deposits are also surprisingly stagnant -- not much of a difference since the quarantine began.
  • Made a list of topics to cover for my series and my goals and aspirations for my blog this year (might sound cliche but writing it down is very effective!). Thanks for the inspiration Michelle!
  • Started reading What if it's us?  by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli

  • I had to ask someone to deliver my passport to the consul because it is expiring, and since I cannot go out of the house due to the curfew restrictions
  • Started the draft and photo selection for my ExploreFridays topic entitled "Walt Disney World"
  • Stayed at home and played Mobile Legends with my friends (I'm now a Grandmaster II!)
  • Started watching The Bodyguard on Netflix -- I will make a review of the shows I'm watching soon^^

  • Went to work but wasn't able to do much especially payroll because A. LOT. OF. CUSTOMERS. ARE. CALLING.
But I'm always happy assisting customers. Mr. Charly, my regular, came by and bought his usual order -- a suspension rod. My co-worker doesn't like people coming in and out of the office (paranoia caused by the pandemic). He felt discriminated so I explained the situation and asked for his understanding. We had a quick chat and he asked me how I'm holding up when suddenly he gave me a... +drumroll please...+  generous tip! Thank you Mr. Charly! Will never forget! 💕
  • Published my Anywhere with Choi topic entitled "Walt Disney World"
  • Watched Love, Wedding, Repeat on Netflix. Can I just say Olivia Munn's acting has improved a lot since The Newsroom? I love her!
  • Played Mobile Legends with friends but since they are ranking up to Epic level and they don't want the banning and stuff, we created smurf accounts so we can all still enjoy playing in lower ranks lol

  • Which is today -- drafting my week summary entitled "Coffee & Connect: Week 1"
  • Looking for a blogging forum where I can learn some tips from the pros. I came across The Grow and Glow Community but it doesn't have a free trial so I'm still wondering how it is like. Do you think I should take my chances and subscribe for a monthly fee of £15? Let me know and share some of your blog communities!👍🏻
  • Will now play my Mobile Legends smurf account with friends.
  • Will just stay at home for the rest of the day and will be active here and on twitter.

And that's it! How was your week? I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Til next time^^

PS. Special thanks to Diane for the cover photo!

Coffee and Connect is a blog series were we can catch up over a cup of coffee for a quick recall of the week. Let's take it slow and connect with each other as the week ends.


  1. Happy Sunday, Ann! What a lovely recap of your week. Your new hair looks great, I'm the same; I cut my hair on my own as well since it's been super hot here in Manila. :(( But since it's curly wavy, it actually worked OK, so perhaps this is one way for me to save up and not go to the hair salon anymore after quarantine season.. hehe

    It's interesting to learn how other countries/places implement restrictions to flatten the curve against coronavirus. Back here in my village, we have a quarantine pass wherein we use this to go in and out whenever there's a need to buy grocery. There's also strict monitoring for deliveries; it should only be the essential needs and homeowners have to personally go to the village gate to pick them up.

    Agree with you on reading blogs, I'm so glad to see more thoughtful blogs out there. Let's keep writing and inspiring each other!

    Anna Jo |

    1. Thanks for dropping by Anna! Yes different countries have difference curfew restrictions. I think they are basing ours on South Korea's practices. Also, I see a lot of girls cutting their hair short, I guess it symbolizes new beginnings for us? 😁😋

      Have a great week!

  2. Your new hair cut looks really great! You cut it yourself? I had to cut my boyfriends hair for the first time ever this past Tuesday and I was so terrified haha! Not that I didn't appreciate hair dressers and barbers before, but now I've realized how talented and amazing they are! I love Brooklyn 99. I'll have to check out the body guard!


    1. Hi Jill! Yes I just cut it on my own but I will have it properly trimmed at a salon when lockdown is over. I appreciate hairdressers too for that matter because it is not easy! It involves skill and art. Thanks for dropping by! 😁

  3. Just one complaint, you duped us into having coffee while you had tea. lol, just kidding! I wish all the good to luck to all people (Essential workers) who have to be out there during the time of crisis.
    Thanks for sharing your week with us, Although the hair was impulsive as you say but it looks good. New beginnings for sure.
    New week!

    1. It looks like tea but it's actually coffee! Jk photo is from unsplash credits at the end of the post. Thanks for dropping by! I didn't think my hair looks good enough but thanks anyway! ^^

  4. Hey Ann!

    I watched Love Wedding Repeat last night and I loved how it broke the usual romantic comedy plot and twisted things a bit when it came to storytelling. I don't know if you've already seen it but I wish to recommend to you 'Happy Old Year' on Netflix. ;)

    Continue to stay safe and healthy!


    1. Hi Hanna! Love Wedding Repeat is so funny I love it! I haven't watched Happy Old Year but will definitely do now. Thanks for the recommendation! You too, continue to stay safe 💕


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