Blog Series: Discover, Explore, Connect

Apr 13, 2020

Ok so since I started writing again after a long hiatus, on and off posts, and dozen blog name changes, I decided to stick to a schedule and take blogging a little bit more seriously. I realized that everytime I try to quit, I just find myself back to square one making a blog post about my experiences or thoughts. So I guess this might be a hobby and stress reliever for me? You know like a guilty pleasure you always come running back to lol. Anyway, since this blog is all about discovering myself and finding meaning into life, I will divide the series into three most common topics I write about.

Food for Thought - Together let's discover something new and gain deeper understanding on a certain topic.

Anywhere with Choi - Come with me and let's explore a place, event, occasion, or new stuff that is interesting enough for everyone to see. This may be somewhere I have been to before, where I want to go next, or any event I want to participate in or be a part of in the future. This can also be about new trends that I want to share with all of you.

Coffee and Connect - Catch up with me every Sunday with a warm cup of coffee for a quick recall of the week. How have I been, how have you been, or how was the week? Let's take it slow and connect with each other as the week ends.

And ofcourse random thoughts and what-not will be published all throughout the week should there be anything under the sun I want to share. It all starts next week so stay tuned!

I am so excited for this and I hope you are too for me. Yay! I hope I can stick to this. See you around~♡


  1. Oh I'm excited to read these posts! Girl, I relate so much with the whole leaving blogging but somehow, sporadically, always coming back.


    1. I know right! I think a lot of us bloggers feel this way every once in a while lol. Thanks Meghan💕

  2. Sounds great, Choi! :) I love how you're intentional with the topics you want to tackle on your blog. Looking forward to these~

    Anna Jo |

  3. Aww, thank you Anna💕 I'm excited too and I hope I can keep this up 😅


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