Rainy day

Aug 20, 2020

From the title itself. I love rainy days. It calms me. It's like the universe telling me to relax, everything is going to okay. The cool and breezy temperature; island people need a break from summer too.

Anyway, a lot has changed since I've last written in this blog. It's been more than a month since I was present here.  Even the Blogspot interface has changed lol. I moved out of my old place, I've left my job, and after a month I'm finally starting a career at my dream workplace -- a Swiss Bank. Phew. Such a life development. I am looking forward to a better work environment, supportive colleagues, and weekends finally! I can't believe I'm having my weekends off again after two years. And guess what, I'm going to be temporarily working from home starting on Monday! To those who have gone or still going through this, can you give me tips / advice please?

A lot of things remained the same though. The pandemic; it's still there, even worse for my home country. The anxiety; for my family and myself especially that the borders are opening again soon. But above it all, the faith; that we will overcome all this very soon and for everything to be back to how it used to be with us being wiser. 

I look forward to getting my game back together. This blog is my safe place and no matter how crazy life gets I will always go back to diarising my life here.

How have you guys been?


  1. The rain is lovely when we can just stay at home and enjoy the coolness of it.. which is most of the time now :))

    Congratulations on getting a new job in your dream company! That's really amazing, especially on having weekends. It's great also that you get to work from home. Hmm my tips for wfh would be to establish a routine that works for you, and to take breaks as needed. Having a routine and taking breaks are so important nowadays; it's easy to keep working long hours especially since we're just at home.. but I'm here to remind you of just those two things lol!

    Today is a holiday in Manila!! So I'm just catching up on blog entries I've yet to read, and perhaps I hope to write one as well. Have a lovely weekend ahead :)

    Anna Jo | http://helloannajo.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Anna! Will definitely practice your tips. I'm so excited for Monday!

      Have a lovely weekend to you too :)

  2. I love how you mentioned the rain calming you down - it really can be so calming especially when you are warm inside. Hope you are well and I absolutely love your blog theme!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes indeed, I love the rain!

      Hope all is well with you too :)

  3. Hey Ann!

    The rain is indeed a beautiful experience and you're right, it makes us pause and reflect - always. Glad to know that you're a fellow pluviophile! Congratulations on the move and the new job, I hope that you'll be able to settle in both places slowly and smoothly. It's always a blessing to be able to do something that you enjoy and love, it's indeed a privilege! Wish you nothing but the best.

    Aside from establishing your timetable daily, don't forget to also take time to stand up from your chair and stretch out a bit. I've recently just recovered from a back injury and my Rehab Doctor told me that it's necessary for us who wfh to consciously stand for a bit at least every hour just so our spine and neck won't suffer from bad posture and spasms. ;) If it helps, keeping an hourly alarm for water breaks would be of great help especially in times where we are 'in the zone'. That's probably the best tip I can give, working from home might sound comforting, but it also could get draining so self-care is a great investment ❤️❤️

    Stay safe my dear!

    Hanna / Heydays With Hanna

    1. Thank you ate Hanna! I started my first wfh today, and what you said is so relevant. Here at home I don't have an ergonomic chair and just a few hours sitting down makes my back hurt already. I stand up and walk briefly every now and then. Thank you for the tip! Self care is indeed the best investment you can give yourself.

      Keep safe and have a good one as always :)


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