What's Poppin? Five favorites you should check out!

Oct 10, 2020 Cayman Islands

Hey guys! How have you been? It's Saturday once again, yessssss weekend! I've been blog-hopping here and there and it's so nice to see fresh content from our fellow bloggers! Twitter is such an interactive platform, so please comment down your handles so I can follow you. I'd love to check out new blogs out there! Anyway, for today, I'm sharing with you five things I've been so fond of lately. Hopefully you 'd like them too!

Netflix Series

1. Emily in Paris

This has been a pretty hot topic on twitter and I finally the joined the badwagon. Truly, it didn't disappoint! The series is about Emily Copper, who after landing her dream job in Paris, embraces her adventurous new life while juggling work, friends, and romance. 

It has a Sex and The City vibes. It's so chic and funny, the kind of humor I would love to watch with my hopeless romantic adventurous girl friends. I'd say the show has a lot of cultural stereotypes, not sure if they are accurate though. Nevertheless, they're funny! The show inspires me to take fashion more seriously and look after my own sense of style. And did I mention, there are so many good looking French men in the series with their alluring and seductive accent? You have got to love France after watching this!

2. Scorpion

This is not a new series but is on Netflix for you to check out. I started watching this when I was in college  (like more than five years ago lol) but stopped after three episodes. I thought it is so predictable and follows a "normal day- then suddenly problem arises- and voila problem solved" format. I decided to give it another try, and it grew on me! I'm on my fourth season now and I've become attached to the characters like they're my friends. I'd be sad once I finish it all. 

The series is about a group of genuises / brilliant misfits who help Homeland defend the country from high tech threats of the computer age.

It might look too intellectual at first because of too much information being thrown at your face (that you don't even have the time to fact-check them all lol), but trust me, it will grow on you! The characters are so loveable, and quite relatable!

Fresh Content Creators

3. Summer Station on Instagram

I remember when this was just Rica's idea. I would visit her in Starbucks during my lunch break and she would tell me how much she wanted to start a small digital arts business. I was so excited for her! I told her to go ahead and don't even think twice about it! Fast forward to September, she finally made it happen

I'm so happy for my friend that I hurriedly commissioned for a personal illustration (it's up on her page so check that out), and very recently, my branding! Yes, she is the artist behind my header design; illustration and typography. I love working with Rica because she turns my vision in to reality. She even contributes her own insights on what's the best color palette to use, etc.  I'm sure you'd love working with her too. Her rates are very affordable so give her some love at Summer Station on Instagram.

4. Vina Rhose on Youtube

Rica and Vina are both the very first friends I made when I came to the island. They are both so vivacious, free-spirited, and enthusiastic about making content. They both love K-pop, which sealed our friendship quite easily, and they do a lot of dance cover videos!

Vina eventually ventured on her own channel, focusing on dance covers, vlogs, beauty, and fashion hauls. She is so talented, I can't even imagine doing half of the things she does! She is so passionate about it so go send her some love at Vina Rhose on Youtube. Don't forget to like and subscribe! 

Hair Care

5. Keragen Smooth Keratin + Collagen

Let me first start by saying that ever since high school I am such a "rebond" girl. I don't have silky straight hair. My hair is wavy at its best and frizzy all the time because of the heat (uh, hello, Manila). I've had a lot of Keratin treatments in the Philippines but it didn't really do me wonders, just kept my hair smooth for 3 days tops and that's it. The Filipino hair dressers I go to would always recommend Keratin only as a secondary treatment to a rebond. Maintaining my hair was such a struggle for me because of the harsh chemicals being used (which I'm not really a fan of but tiis ganda iykwim); plus I have to spend again for the Keratin.

In 2018, my friend introduced me to her "Keratin only" regimen that would supposedly make my hair straight and smooth for atleast 3 months. I was skeptical at first because no Keratin lasted me that long without any rebonding with it. To my surprise, IT ACTUALLY LIVED UP TO ITS CLAIM

I was in awe, so I started using all the products from the brand of treatment she used. 

Introducing: The Keragen Smooth line!

It has been my holy grail since 2018, and I wanted to share it with you to because it did wonders for me! They also have a trial kit so you don't have to spend a lot to try. The products I currently use are:
  • Keragen Smooth Clarifying Shampoo (only to be used before the treatment)
  • Keragen Smooth Smoothing Treatment #4 (for professional use only)
  • Keragen Smooth Smoothing Shampoo (daily shampoo)
  • Keragen Smooth Smoothing Conditioner (daily conditioner)
  • Keragen Smooth Blow-out Spray (to use occasionally before/after iron or blower)
  • Keragen Smooth Argan Smoothing Cream (to use occasionally when it's hot outside and hair is getting frizzy)
  • Keragen Smooth Nourishing Dry Shampoo (to use only when I'm lazy to bathe!)

It's always good to invest on yourself. Our hair is our crowning glory so I always make sure mine is well maintained :) 

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I've heard so many good things about Emily in Paris, and I'm keen on checking it out for myself :) perhaps after Hyori's Bed and Breakfast S2!! hehe. I've had Keratin treatment once in my life, and it lasted a year or so, I guess because I kept my hair short. I won't go for it again, though it was a nice experience to try out.. somehow my hair is more tamed now with just the proper haircare, such as no tears baby shampoo and conditioner :") haha!! Have a wonderful weekend Ann!!

    Anna Jo | http://helloannajo.blogspot.com

    1. Omg I also used Johnsons baby shampoo for the longest time but idk why my scalp is so sensitive to the heat! Nothing seems to work for me when I was in Manila lol! And yes Emily in Paris is so funny I had a bunch of good laugh watching it. Definitely recommend 👍🏻

  2. I devoured Emily in Paris for just 2 days! The series isn't perfect and I had a lot of "WHAT?!" moments but it's very easy to watch and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I would love to go to Paris someday...

    Renee | www.renalexis.com

    1. Yes indeed! Very easy to watch and so many funny moments. Would love to go to Paris too if given the chance when the pandemic is over! 😊

  3. I just started watching Emily in Paris and I'm already in love! It makes me miss Paris. Around this time last year, I took a trip to Paris with my family. It's such a gorgeous city but it rained most of my trip there. Hopefully, I can go back! ♥


    1. How I wish I can visit Paris too! You are so lucky to have seen such a beautiful city. How was your trip? Share some your experiences I'd love to read them! 💕


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