About Me

Ann Choi is a pseudonym I'm known for since my teenage years. I was such a big K-pop junkie that I used one of the most common Korean last names as my own (and also because for a long time I was delusional that I'm married to SHINee's Choi Minho lol). Almost everyone who first met me in college refer to me as Ann Choi. I don't plan on using my real name anywhere on the internet anymore, firstly to keep the mystery, and secondly because I am such a private and timid person. I've been sorta blogging on and off since 2003. I still keep my old blogs alive but private, and I enjoy reading them back every now and then. I currently live on a small island in the Caribbean and am enjoying my simple life.

No one can truly admit the real essence of life unless one meets the opportunity to exercise their freedom and desires.

About The Blog

Anywhere with Annie is a documentation of my life and growth as a person. I write about exploring new things, going places, and challenging myself to be fully independent. This blog features a new phase in my life; living on my own on an island far away hoping to discover more of myself.

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