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Final destination: Halloween party bus

West Bay, Cayman Islands
I've never been on a party bus before EVER - so imagine my excitement when I found out that Star FM is hosting a halloween bus party! There are 4 buses, 4 mystery stops (with games & missions), and 1 exclusive after party! Starting point is at the courtyard across the radio station in George Town and where the bus is going? Nobody knows!

1st stop: Hell, West Bay
Mission: Take a group photo with the devil

I was hoping for the bus to go East for a change but oh well this year they decided to rome around West Bay - my district. First task is to take a group photo with the devil (kinda lame but yeah lol). Nobody gave af about the mission, they just want to drink, dance, and have fun lol.

2nd stop: West Bay Cemetery
Mission: Take a selfie with tombstones

This is kind of eerie for some especially the superstitious ones but since the passengers are tipsy already some didn't mind. For me, I just took a photo by the sign and went back to the bus. I don't want to disturb any souls in there!

3rd stop: Lillie's Night Club
Mission: Get drunk and have fun!

DJ Selecta Renegade saw me and said I looked upset so he offered me a shot of vodka, and I did! Two minutes later, I'm drunk af!

4th stop: The Office Lounge
Mission: Eat all you can buffet

Can I just say that the CI$50 I paid for is absolutely worth it? Recharged here at The Office lounge before the after party.

Final Destination: SKYY-RY Exclusive Afterparty

Danced my ass off and it was lit!

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