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Rub-A-Dub 90's Cooler Fete

Pedro Castle Road, Savannah, KY1-1501, Cayman Islands
I'm not sure if cooler fetes are a thing in Asia but here in the Caribbean it is almost like every outdoor party / event there is. Basically it's a party where you can bring your own drinks and cooler. I've been to cooler fete twice before and it was fun, especially now that I learned how to drink (sush, it's only our secret). Almost everybody I know still thinks I'm a good girl, but ever since I hopped on that flight to this side of the world, I feel like I've been liberated (to be free without regrets, that is). I have no idea at all of the music they played since my exposure is only on the mainstream ones. Dancehall or soca was unkown to me until recently. I still enjoyed nevertheless, the longer I stay here, the more I feel "localized" lol!

Also one of the main reasons why I went is because I wanted to watch Red Rat! I am not a fan and I don't know any of his songs but I vividly remember that one time I visited his mother (she's my daddy's best friend btw) and then I realized he's actually a big name in the music industry in the Caribbean!

The concert was lit. A lot of people came although most of the time I felt outta place because I'm dancing and singing to songs I don't know lol. It was held at Pedro St. James Castle which is in my opinion is your neighborhood haunted house where rebellious kids go and hangout during wee hours.

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