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What happened in Miami last year?

South Beach, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
It's that time of the month again, Halloween! This day last year I was on an adventure in Miami by myself. I was feeling nostalgic so I rummaged through my old blog and found this post about my trip. Definitely enjoyed my solitude in this one.

This has been a long overdue post but I’d like to share with you some snippets of my short but sweet trip to Miami! I went there alone last Halloween, and stayed mostly in South Beach, at Freehand Miami Hotel. The beach was good but since I dunno how to swim, I wasn’t able to dip in for a long time. Instead, I enjoyed the hotel amenities (it was hippy by the way and very millienial!) and ofcourse did my own photoshoot lol. Did I mention I got a tan? Oh yea

Around mid-day I decided to just enjoy the pool since I couldn’t swim anyway and the waves were rough. I had lunch at their in-house restaurant. You can never take away asian food from an asian!

Eve of Halloween along Ocean drive

I had to go home around 10pm though because I was alone, it was Halloween (people are wearing huge masks like in a heist), and I kept seeing people being arrested lol I was like ohkay that’s my cue!

Along Biscayne Boulevard: American Airlines Arena

Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College

Bayside Marketplace

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