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The Crystal Caves

North Side, Cayman Islands
The Crystal Caves are one of Cayman's natural tourist  attractions located in a lush tropical forest. Amongst the forest and caves are captivating tropical plant and animal life. Millions of years ago, the caves were all underwater. As time passed, sea levels began to lower and land became visible. The caves were formed due to water erosion. These were used as hideouts or hurricane shelters by the pirates hundreds of years ago (yes, pirates of the Caribbean were actually a real thing!), and according to legends some of their treasures were hidden here!

I went to see the site like around a month or two ago before the pandemic went crazy and I was with two other cruise tourists.

Our jolly tour guide would every now and then remind us not to touch the tip of the cones because it is sensitive and can be easily destroyed. 

There were three major caves that we can safely enter (there's more but they are still under development). The biggest one is my favorite. There were friendly bats but deeper inside there is a stunning underground lake! 

Did you know that ironwood is one of the heaviest high density woods in the world?

Bonus: say hello to this cute little lizard that decided to do a cameo in the middle of the tour!

If you happen to be in the Cayman Islands and want to visit, see below information:
📍69 Northside Road, Old Man Bay, Northside, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
☎️ +1 345.949-CAVE(2283)

Have you been to a cave or forest before? Share some of your experiences in the comment section below!^^


  1. Oh, what an interesting place! Very beautiful and inspiring post

  2. The caves look really cool, especially the underground lake; the water looks so clear! Or was it just because of the lighting? :o It's also great that you were able to see them before the pandemic happened. Thanks for sharing with us the beauty of nature through your experience in these caves, Choi! :)

    Anna Jo |

  3. Wow those caves look so amazing! And that lil lizard is so cute. :)

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I love yours too! Its seriously super cute (especially the header). :)

    Dee @

  4. Ooo it's always amazing to see what beautiful places exist in nature! Good thing there is a tour guide, because I would be a bit scared to enter alone!

    1. Me too! There were a lot of bats there but the tour guide assured us that they are harmless, whew!

      Thanks for your comment❤


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