Orlando, FL, USA

Walt Disney World

I went to Orlando Christmas last last year to do some shopping and went to Disney World while I'm there. My trip was only for three days and there was nothing much to do in such a short span of time. My goal really was just to spend some time away from the island and buy reasonably priced clothing among other things. I remember arriving on the 23rd of December and leaving on the 26th.

I have come to realize that shopping in the USA at this time of the year, apart from Black Friday, is not a good idea -- mainly because everywhere is packed with people and almost all stores are already empty! So in the end, I had barely bought anything lol I just roamed around the park and enjoyed the rides.

If you are planning to visit too, all I can advise is book the partner hotel of Disney, Holiday Inn Resort - Orlando. I believe it's cheaper if you buy it together with the airline and the Disneyland Park tickets, like some sort of a package deal with free shuttle service. Well it's easy to find such deals, just visit their official website. I just bought everything online.

I would say Disney World will bring out the kid inside you. Remember those classic films we used to watch in the 90's like The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, etc? Well you will relive all those memories and rekindle the joy of your childhood in this magical place. They have musicals, dance numbers, and flash mobs every now and then, here and there.

I wish I can write my itinerary in full detail but sorry to say that I didn't really have any. I just went with the flow and well I guess unplanned trips also turn out to be fun? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and I hope my photos did some justice^^


  1. I love theme parks, despite all the people and the trolleys, and even if I don't ride on the extreme rides :)) I simply enjoy walking around and seeing families and children happily spending time together.

    My first Disney experience was in California, and I felt like it was a fulfilled childhood dream. There was that magical feeling I couldn't really pinpoint, but also felt that I wouldn't be able to get it anywhere else.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Ann! Glad you had a great time. :)

    Anna Jo | http://helloannajo.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Anna! It is indeed a magical experience. Brings back all the childhood feels especially when you see other kids enjoying themselves with spark in their eyesπŸ’•

  3. Oh wow, this would have been amazing. I'm trying to sort a trip out to Disneyland Paris for my nieces, I've always wanted to go!

    Shelly's Passport

    1. Hopefully when all the lockdowns are over you can go to Disney with your nieces and have fun! Wishing all the best πŸ’•


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