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How to boost morale in the workplace

George Town, Cayman Islands

I have both experienced working at a big firm and a small business and I noticed major differences in the office culture. Today I will share my thoughts with you on boosting company morale that I have learned from working at a bank vs. working at a small business.   I was inspired to write this by Brooklyn 99's episode of Amy Santiago's promotion to sergeant!

1. Set attainable goals

This is the first step into encouraging employees that the business actually has a mission and that they are not sandboxed into just one job their whole career. This will make them always have something to look forward to and eventually build a career and get promoted through the company.

2. Encourage process improvements

If stuck in a repetitive process, encourage everyone to raise their ideas on how to improve efficiency. This will not only help the business grow but also the skills of the person doing it. In my experience, I have once created a robot automation in my previous company before I left, and I have always considered it a legacy.

3. Celebrate milestones

Never forget to celebrate milestones! Appreciate your employees for all their hard work and reward them for it!

4. Arrange appraisals and feedback sessions

Evaluate the performance of the employees so they are at par on where they stand in the company. This will make them aware of the things they need to improve, and the things that they need to keep on doing. Feedback sessions together with other employees and clients are also as important.

5. Be decisive as a leader

People want their leaders to be firm in making decisions for the company and have a sense of responsibility to stand by it. This will gain employee's trust that their leaders actually know what their doing; like a captain of a boat.

6. Boost morale in simple but creative ways

Simple ways like making sure the office is always tidy, having good quality pens or other office supplies / furnitures, and having some decorations during occasions are actually very effective in boosting the employees' spirit. Who would want to work in a dusty and gloomy office?

Do you agree with what I enumerated above? Let me know your fair share of ideas on how to improve office culture!

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  1. Hey Ann, you're back! Digitally missed your presence but I'm glad and relieved to know that you're safe and just busy 💖 I completely agree with everything in your list but the most important for me and resonate with me the strongest at the moment would be Celebrating Milestones, Feedback Sessions, and Boosting the Morale of the team. Currently working on a project with my team and these three actually matters a lot in progress and work flow.

    I hope all is well with you, welcome back!

    Hanna / Heydays With Hanna

    1. Hi Hanna! I do miss being active here as well! It has been crazy busy the past few days especially with work. Good luck and all the best to your project! Keep safe always 💖

  2. Love this entry, Ann! :) I've also been busy at work yet these reminders are all so true. I'm blessed to be a part of a firm that instills the importance of giving feedback, and it has also influenced other aspects of my life. Feedback is a gift, always. Hope you're doing well, and I'm catching up on all the blog entries I've missed from other fellow writers!!

    Anna Jo |

    1. Thanks Anna! Feedback is indeed important. How else are going to grow if we don't get feedback right? Anyway have a good one Anna! Miss catching up on my blog list too. Been away for the longest time! >_<

  3. Totally agree with you, especially on celebrating milestones!
    Love your post, thanks for sharing these tips!

    INXSKY | Gold Stackable Rings

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