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How to nail your Cayman Islands driver's theory test

Hey you all! I've recently passed my Cayman Island's written driver's exam. I wasn't a driver before I came here so I have no prior knowledge of road rules. It only took me 15 minutes to finish the test on my first try! Most people I know have been warning me on how difficult the exam is and that they had to retake it atleast 3 to 4 times. To be honest it wasn't hard at all, and your odds of passing just depends on how prepared you are before the exam. For those who are planning to take it, today is your lucky day! I'm going to share with you some tips on how you can not only pass, but actually nail it on your first try!

First of all, I want to emphasize the importance of reading the Official Road Code. If you want to be a good driver and a law abiding citizen, there really isn't a shortcut for that. You can download the Road Code FOR FREE here. There are some books you can also buy for around CI$15, but in my experience, all you really need is just the Official Road Code. Everything is there.

Now for some tips and techniques,

#1. Read the Official Road Code instead of any other book.

If you are planning on buying other books, just a disclaimer, they contain a lot of commentary from the author. It is supposed to help you understand the Road Code better but in my opinion, that's not necessary. The commentaries will just make your reading time longer, and if you don't have that kind of patience, it will just bore you out. Trust me, I've read both cover to cover.

The Road Code is very straightforward and easy to read. It is instructional like a normal textbook. It may look intimidating at first because it's around 88 pages, but most of it only contains visual aid and illustration. The text per se I would say is only half, plus it's almost like double spaced!

#2. Focus on the road signs.

Read through the Appendix for the road signs as the exam contains like around 65% of that already. Situational questions are commonsensical that even non-drivers will know the answer to. If you want a shorter study time, then focus on road signs first, read them like 3 times, and then proceed to start with the Road Code.

#3. Take practice exams.

This will test your retention on the situational part, which is the other 35%. I highly suggest Cayman Driving Test 101, but there are numerous other sources on the internet you can try. Take the practice exam over and over until you perfect it. You will be good to go after that.

#4. Get a good rest before the exam.

That will always be my tip for any other type of exam you will take. Allow your brain to rest for the entire evening before your exam, and never rush study on the day itself.

#5. On the exam day, utilize the option to skip a question.

You are given 40 multiple choice questions. You only need 32 correct ones to pass. That means you have an allowance of 8 mistakes, and you can always skip if you are not sure - it will not be counted against you! You will also have a phone beside you to call the examiner just incase you are confused with something.

Again, skip a question if you are not 100% sure. There is no harm in doing that. Once you reach a point where the questions you skipped are coming back, then use tip #6. Atleast you have exhausted all those questions you know first, before gambling on those you don't.

#6. Use the process of elimination.

Determine first which choices are incorrect and eliminate them. You will now be left with fewer options, thus greater possibility of choosing the right one. Also, in situational questions, the longest option will most likely be the correct answer *wink*.

To conclude, I hope these tips will be helpful for you (if you are also about to take you exam) because it surely were for me! Feel free to share this to your friends and let me know how it goes.

Best of luck!

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  1. Congratulations on passing your driver's theory test! I get so anxious taking tests, it took me five tries to pass my first driver's test! I actually need to retake mine soon so I'm going to try some of your tips. I wonder is that longer question is always correct work in the US too. haha ♥

    1. Thank you! I get anxious in taking tests too! It requires a different skill altogether that's why I tend to always overstudy. Nevertheless, I hope you pass yours, and yes the longest choice will be the correct one 92% of the time. I got that tip from one of my professors. lol. Best of luck!


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