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Cheers to 2022!

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Happy new year everybody! This is my first post of 2022! How exciting is that? Did you know that I was in the blogosphere since I was in high school... like around 2006ish... 15 years ago! Although ofcourse I kept changing my handle and kept evolving in content that's why I'm always like a 누구 to this world lol. A lot of the lifestyle bloggers I knew back then has stopped writing... and moved on with their lives. I wish I could still stay in that era that inspired me a lot to write. Quite frankly majority of the blogs I come across these days are all for making $$$ off content, building a brand, improving SEO and all that jazz. I genuinely hope I come across that space of the blogosphere again where bloggers just write about their lives, and experiences -- more organic and relatable content. I have found some along the way, and I hope they won't change! If you are one, please can you let me know your handle? I will add you to my reading list! This 2022, I aim to be more raw in my posts, so even though we are not physically around each other you still know how I'm doing and what's going on in my life. 

New Years came by so quick for me. First there was the Christmas long weekend, a couple of workdays, and then the New Years long weekend. It was so dragging to work in between Christmas and New Year! My coworkers and I were like... ugh... can we go home already? lol.

On Friday 31st December, we checked in again at Marriot Grand Cayman, for an overnight staycation. Did I mention that we were there last Christmas? This holiday season has been expensive to be quite honest! But it's ok, after working so hard in 2021, I do think we need a well deserved break :) It was not originally planned, we just decided on it on Christmas day that we need to be here on New Years too. Last year we went to the beach to watch the fireworks, but nope it didn't work for me. People just light their firecrackers here and there, what if something goes wrong and it drops in my eye?! Have you seen a dog flee and hide when they hear firecrackers? YUP THAT WAS ME. So nope, not happening this year!

We were supposed to watch the kids friendly fireworks at Camana Bay at 8pm but didn't make it in time. So instead, we had dinner at Eats, a nearby restaurant along the strip.  The food was good :)

When I called the hotel a couple of days before, they said that they will be hosting a Lantern Festival this year in lieu of the fireworks. So I really thought we will be flying out small lanterns into the sky (not eco friendly, I know I know), but turns out they placed it on the ground for aesthetic purposes only. How anti-climactic! Eitherway, there was a countdown pool party so we just went on and enjoyed the music, and fireworks from the next door hotel lol.

All in all I love the holiday season in 2021. It was a time to reflect on how blessed we are for good health, happy friends / family, a feast and nice vacation, plus extra moolah for gifts exchanges :) Weehee so excited for what 2022 has to offer!


  1. The place where you spent your holidays is simply enchanting! It's important to take a break and enjoy all the sacrifices that have been made during the year. You have done very well to dedicate this holiday to yourselves. I hope this New Year brings you many new adventures!:)

    xx Dasynka

  2. Looks like fun. Beautiful place. Have a wonderful 2022.


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