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Halloween 2022

George Town, Cayman Islands
Hi friends! This is me trying to update my dusty old blog lol. As you all know, halloween is one of my favourite events in the year mainly because I love seeing people dressed up not just in spooky costumes but creative and cute ones as well! And since I'm a fan of Brooklyn Nine Nine's halloween specials, I incorporated the same idea in my workplace.

I recently joined the social committee and immediately took dibs of organising halloween this year. Last year, we had a spontaneous party and awards for best costume and best decor. So I thought of doing the same, but with one more additional competition: Amazing Race - Halloween Edition!

I was not given any budget for this social so I gathered some sponsors for the prizes. Home Gas, On The Scene Entertainment, and Monster Media were all kind enough to give me tickets to their events as a grand prize! I also prepared trophies for best costume and team decor, and of course the Brooklyn Nine Nine classic wrestling belt for the Amazing Race winner!

I split the event into two parts:
  1. Lunch served in the boardroom at 12nn to gather everyone so they can cast their votes for best costume and decor. This is also when the Amazing Race begins (they can play between 12nn to 4pm while doing their BAU)
  2. Happy hour drinks served at 4pm for the awarding of winners

I've written three different crime stories for each team to solve, with clues hidden around the office. Everyone was so excited! I was surprised by the overall engagement! Each team went out of their way to decorate their offices out of pocket, played the race, dressed up, and went beyond all expectations! 

Our team did not win any award (purposely) as we are the organisers of the event. I was the MC for the awarding and we made sure everybody won something! The event was a success, and we will make it an annual tradition :)

Check out the tour below! Our team's theme is vampire's lair. 

After the halloween party at the office, my boyfriend and I went to the water front to experience the 'Haunted House' and the afterparty. This time I dressed up as Sailor Moon and my boyfriend as Street Fighter Ryu. We also joined the costume contest but didn't win lol. Regardless, it was such a fun night!


  1. Your halloween party looks awesome... Great concept.



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