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My sweet trip to Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica

Hi friends! Last Friday I flew to Jamaica with the purpose of applying for US B1/B2 visa.  If you are wondering why I had to leave Cayman Islands, well that is because there is no US embassy here and the nearest one is in Kingston. My trip was only supposed to be over the weekend, but it turned out to be an entire week because... life happens! Right before I left, I was already feeling lethargic and called in sick from work. Then, one of my co-workers told me that someone from the office contracted covid. I hurriedly tested myself and just my luck, I tested positive too! ><" There were no restrictions to travellers anyway so I and my boyfriend still went and hopped on our Jamaica flight. There is no way I was going to reschedule this since I have already paid a sum of money and waited for a slot at the US embassy!

My boyfriend is Jamaican, how convenient is that? We stayed at their house in Sanguinetti, Clarendon for the weekend and drove to Kingston Sunday night. Great timing because his mom, who is an American citizen, flew in as well so we had a mini reunion and family time together.

Our rental car costs US$275 for the original 5 days we booked, but since I got covid anyway and can't return to work, we decided to extend our stay for the whole week... (goodbye another US$325 huhu). Anyway, having a car to drive around was indeed a great convenience. For those travelling to Jamaica and is looking to rent a car, we booked from Right Cars aka Garmack Car Rental. Mr. Garth has been very responsive and helpful throughout our entire trip. Definitely recommend!

We did a little tour in Emancipation Park in Kingston, and some places in the countryside where my boyfriend grew up. We didn't bother going to the famous spots like Negril and Ocho Rios because they are so damn far from where we are staying, even from Kingston! We decided to just relax and live like locals for the entirety of our stay.

I would say that from what I saw, way of life in Jamaica is similar to the Philippines. Poverty is evident both in the city and the countryside; a massive hustle culture especially in the marketplace; and terrible roads and traffic. What I love about Jamaica however, is their immense love for their own culture. It is the birthplace of Reggae and Dancehall, and most if not all people enjoy the music, food, and the company of their fellow countrymen. Majority of businesses incorporate the colors of the Jamaican flag in their stalls too, even street vendors!

Overall it was a short but sweet trip to Jamaica. I got my US visa, my boyfriend got to visit his hometown, we had a mini family reunion, and a well deserved holiday break from work! I will definitely visit again sometime in the future :)


  1. You go girl! Enjoy your life. Thanks for sharing your experience with us ❤️


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