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Arguing with Zombies

Hi friends! How are you? I haven't been able to update this blog as much as I wanted to, but it is not by choice! I have been swamped the past couple of weeks...😓 Indeed 2023 started with a bang!

At work, we have a major issue that my team had to help resolve. When I say major, it is reportable to the ombudsman major! It has been very stressful and challenging trying to fix something that we did not create in the first place, much less totally avoidable! It is disappointing as well that the moment the risk was identified, the most plausible solution was ignored. Ironically, nobody want this escalated, yet they escalate the most little things on a daily basis. So politically motivated 🙄 I was listening Paul Krugman's audio book entitled "Arguing with Zombies" and surprise surprise, the resemblance is uncanny! Sorry for the lack of specifics, but as you know I work in an institution where matters like these are highly confidential. But I know for a fact that you guys could relate! Anyway, according to the book (if I understood it correctly lol), politicians create these "social issues" to show people that the government is working towards the betterment of the society when in fact their "proposed solution" has been proven wrong and their only motivation is for their own welfare. When economists advise them of the policies that could help the economy, they take it with a grain of salt and proceed with what they want their constituents to perceive anyway. I mean, that's technically the definition of Politics right? As Krugman says,

Zombie ideas are those that should have been killed by contrary evidence, but instead keep shambling along, eating people's brains.

When you become aware of this, being in an environment with so much bureaucracy just becomes so intolerable that the only way out is out the door (or in a wooden box, as Lainey says).A lot is going on work wise and changes are happening so quickly. As much as I wanted to focus on my CFA studies (one of my career goals in 2023), as early as the third week of January, it has shifted from "Pass CFA level 1" to "Be in an environment surrounded by CFA charter holders that will motivate and inspire me, so I can apply what I learn conceptually to practice". In short, it is time to move on, I don't have time for this foolishness anymore!

Thanks for coming to my TED talk lol (as usual! 😜)


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