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Hell yeah it's 2023!

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Hi friends! Yay for my first post in 2023! New years hasn't been that exciting for me. I've discovered a lot about myself in 2022, and one of those is I HATE FIRECRACKERS! That's probably why I didn't enjoy the countdown lol. I mean, would you agree that it is such a perfect way to waste money? Not only does it cost bucks but also it's loud and dangerous, all for a 3-second enjoyment. Doesn't make sense. There, I said it! 

Anyway, we celebrated new years eve at a resort here in Cayman. It has been a tradition for us to do a staycation over the festive holidays. I also did some well-deserved shopping to treat myself for thriving through 2022! Got myself a new leather handbag and a custom-made perfume 💃

Nothing much happened except the countdown at the public beach (which by the way I spent 2 hours sleeping in the car and woke up 30mins before January 1st lol)

This year instead of new years resolutions, I have a bucket list! 

  • Get engaged with my boyfriend
  • Pass CFA level 1
  • Secure a job at my dream company (if I do I will make an entry about it!) ✨manifesting✨
  • Pass certification for my dream company ✨manifesting✨
  • Visit the Philippines
  • Get approved for naturalisation and passport
  • Conclude the construction of my house in the Philippines
  • Some progress on my pre-construct house in Newlands
  • Visit a country in Europe

How about you friends, what are your bucket lists this year? Floor is open for discussion!


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