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Fun day with my angels

George Town, Cayman Islands
I feel like my insomnia is a symptom of something more serious. I've been restless for weeks now. I am already on Zopiclone and Zoloft yet I feel like none of them are working? 😩 I feel so dry, nothing seems to be interesting to me anymore. I even went as far as googling "how to find new hobbies" lol I'm desperate. I guess it really hit me when my friend said blogging is a waste of time and that she can't fathom why I would want to share my personal business online. I've been blogging since 2006 and somehow this has been my "hobby"... and the first time I opened it up to my friend she said she is never going to read it. I guess I expected support too much too soon. Sadly, it sucked the soul out of me since last week. I feel like the only thing I enjoy seems to be so pointless too. I couldn't care any less if it came from a stranger, but I guess it hurts when it comes from a friend? 👎

Anyway! Enough Debby Downer!

Yesterday, I promised the kids we'll do something fun since it's been a while since we all hung out together! Yaz, this is my squad! I love being them! They are unapologetically honest, fashion forward, NO DRAMA, and fun!

We went to Strike Zone in Canon Place to play laser tag! Ofcourse the adults beat the kids, boohoo! After two rounds we went to Camana Bay to hangout over ice cream, and had a slumber when we got home! Phew what a tiring (and expensive 💸) day for me!

Can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow... where did the weekend go?!


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