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Island life is overrated

Cayman Islands

I was born in Metro Manila, and I moved to Grand Cayman about five years ago. At first I enjoyed going to the beach; it felt like an escape from the busy city life. Eventually, I realised that going to beach is a staple for the locals. It is the main weekend activity; there is very little to nothing else to do. I don't enjoy it anymore as much as I did before.

Last weekend and Wednesday holiday gone, my boyfriend's friend hosted a beach party. They brought barbecue grill, speakers, and dominos. I was just there sitting and watching them play dancehall music. The first hour was fun, the succeeding ones felt so dragging. Is it just me? I guess because I was not with my own set of friends and had nobody to talk to that's why. I just instead sat by the shores and looked at the clouds. Is it weird that I went to the beach and watched the clouds instead of the waters? lol. The skies and the universe as a whole just fascinates me.

I guess living an island life isn't always as glamorous as one thinks it is. It is difficult to shop here. Either what you need is expensive, or out of stock. You have to either order it online and have it shipped from overseas, or wait at least two weeks before any store will have it in stock. Say for example cosmetics. I love watching first impressions on youtube. When I come across something I want to try, let's say Charlotte Tilbury or Nars, it is nowhere to be found on island. 😭

Also, in my first year as a resident, I felt like I already exhausted all fun activities on island. It is just so small. Everywhere you go, you will see someone you know or someone familiar. Some places remain the same over the years. I guess unlike the Philippines where you can decide to hop on a plane and go to Palawan on a long weekend, road trip to Baguio, or go on a cruise to Bataan, in here, the places you can go to over the long weekend are Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Cayman Brac is smaller than Grand Cayman so I'm not even considering that as an option lol. Everywhere else outside the US takes planning and long holidays.

Anyway, those are my personal thoughts. Other locals might think differently than I do. I love the islands though, it's just that sometimes when you do something over and over again, it loses its spark. 


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