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I'm 29, and engaged!

Cayman Islands

It's that time of the year again! This week has been the most eventful week for me so far! I celebrated my 29th birthday on May 24th. Andrew woke me up in the morning with such a romantic surprise. He sang me happy birthday in bed with background music and a lit up birthday cake. What a way to start my day isn't it?

Most of my coworkers wonder why I would waste such a special day at work. Well I have plenty of reasons why! First is, it's a Wednesday, and I would rather celebrate my birthday on a long weekend rather than a day midweek and then go back to work with twice as much tasks to finish the next day. Second, why would I want to miss my lovely coworkers singing happy birthday to me in harmony? I wouldn't miss it for the world! I live for those moments. I loved how they all planned to surprise me with a  cake and a gift... they are so thoughtful considering I've only been with the bank for two months! 💖 priceless!

Also coincidentally, I booked my therapy session the same day with my psychiatrist. She was delighted to see that I am doing much better. I just need a little more help with my insomnia though. So far all good! My catchup with her only lasted for about 30mins. Originally, Andrew and I planned a dinner date, but he finished work late. I visited Lainey's event at the Compass centre to kill some time. I love joining finance conference and networking with professionals in the industry!

It quickly became an unexpected reunion with my ex-coworkers. I missed them a lot! There were so many changes that happened in our lives the past 5 months and it was so good to finally catch up with them. We all work at different places now, surprise surprise!

Finally in the night, Andrew and I had dinner at Brooklyn in Camana Bay. It was past 8pm and kitchen was about to close. There weren't that much guests in the restaurant anymore. As we finish our dinner, I shed a small tear and told Andrew that the day passed by so quick, and I only got to spend a few hours with him. I had wanted to be with him for the entire day, but our schedules doesn't allow us to do so. He hugged me tight and whispered " I have something to ask you... will you marry me?" then knelt in one knee with the ring in his hands! I was in disbelief! Finally, I'm going to spend the rest of my life with the man that I love! It was a no brainer, IT WAS THE EASIEST YES IN THE WORLD! It was the best birthday gift I could ever ask for. 💕


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