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Busy bee?

Cayman Islands

It has been a very busy start of the month for me! First off, I tried to do this thing called "Keto" diet. I signed up for a meal plan that costs $670/month. Breakfast and lunch/dinner will be delivered daily, 100% Keto compliant, prepped by a renowned chef on island. I thought it was going to be easy. I thought all I had to do was eat whatever they provide me everyday. I had no idea it was going to be this excruciatingly difficult! On my third day, I started feeling nauseous and lethargic. It almost felt like the withdrawal I had when I stopped my SSRIs abruptly. My coworker said that when she did it strictly for the first time, she felt like she is having a hangover for an entire week. I asked around for some advice and to my surprise, a lot of people actually DO NOT recommend zero carbs (well duh, especially for a beginner like me), because in one way or another, it is just not sustainable. I couldn't even last longer than 3 days lol. So that's my attempt at watching my diet. But nevertheless I'm going to gradually change my lifestyle to shred some unwanted fat before I get married next year!

On another note, the saga continues for my securities licensure exam. Our manager (which stands as our headmistress for the study group) was out on vacation for the last 3 weeks. Hence, the momentum had died down a bit. To be honest, I slacked off baaaaaad. I rarely put in the effort to study when she was away primarily because I also had to cover on of my coworkers who was out on holidays. I was completely dead beat every time reach home. As a matter of fact, there were multiple occasions where I would fall asleep in the couch while still in my work clothes, and wake up the next morning. I know, I know. Adulting sucks. I aged by so much -- where did my 25 year old energy go? I'm just 29 but I feel so much older than this! Anyway, apart from the additional workload, my diet plan was falling apart, hurricane season has started, people are getting flu every now and then, so on and so forth. Ah everything was just a lot for me😓 I know I just had to give up those extra hours of studying for my sanity. Now that my manager is back, it is crunch time. We are scheduled to take the exam on the first week of July! Study sessions are from 5pm-7pm every weekday, and early morning on Sundays. June is going to be hectic foreal!

Since we moved our Philippine vacation to next year, I am looking forward to go away some time in September either in the US or Canada. It will most likely be just for a long weekend. We are leaning towards Miami or Fort Lauderdale, but if you have any suggestions please let me know!


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